How to apply

  1. Complete and sign the application form (download and print the application for the housing option of your choice listed below).  Have your doctor complete the “Medical Assessment” section.
  2. Return your completed and signed application  form, Medical Assessment form and any other necessary documents by email to   You may also mail, fax or deliver the application in person to the facility of your choice.
  3. Your application will be rated according to the Priority Rating Criteria to determine if you are eligible for the housing being applied for.  The rating also determines placement on the waiting list if there are no vacancies.
  4. An interview is required prior to being accepted to move in.
  5. As an approved applicant, you will be notified of placement on the waiting list and when a unit becomes available.

lodges-application-form self-application-form affordable-application-form

If you refuse to accept a unit when offered, your name will be removed from the waiting list for that facility and you must wait three (3) months prior to reapplying.